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This website was created as a means to educate Anglophone (English-speaking) fandom and share academic resources on the topics of Fujoshi, Boys Love, Yaoi, and Danmei media. Danmei, BL, and Yaoi fall under Queer Media Studies in Asia. It is a rich category of literature used to freely explore sexuality, gender identity, social politics, and relationship dynamics for those often not at liberty to do so.

Since at least 2015 in Anglophone fandom, anti-trans groups began spreading disinformation about these topics, and unfortunately, fan spaces have never fully recovered. Instead, they are riddled with xenophobia, misogyny, racism, misinformation, and miscommunication.

Here you will find over 330 resources to educate yourself and others on BL, Yaoi, Danmei, Anti-fan behaviors, Psychology, and LGBTQ+ history written by scholars and professionals in these fields.

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(Site is updated regularly. (Image from Danmei 'Tian Guan Ci Fu')

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